Food Allergies

In 2015, I developed a very severe case of eczema, which no steroids could calm (and I was pregnant during this ordeal). Already knowing a connection with dairy and my eczema, I tried to limit my consumption of milk products.  After my third baby was born, I was allergy tested and discovered I have many food allergies, which most likely contribute to my eczema.  Because of this, many of my recipes are dairy free, oat free, and gluten free (and those that are not  I will give alternatives when I can, since no one else in my family has these same allergies!), but by no means lacking in flavor or deliciousness! I personally know how difficult and incredibly frustrating it can be when you have to eliminate certain foods and feel like there is nothing you can eat.  Hopefully you will be able to find many things you and your family can make and enjoy!

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